by Jason Ryan
juillet 16, 2020

This page will be updated with important development information for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Last Updated: March 23, 2021

Version Numbers

Current Version ➡️ Incoming Version

PC – Steam:

PC – GOG: 1.21

PC – Game Pass: (Same content as 1.21)

PC – EA Origin:  1.21 

Amazon Luna: 1.20 ➡️ 1.21 (March 23)

PlayStation 4: 1.21

Xbox One:

Nintendo Switch: 1.21 

Status Update

* Game is now loads when using Windows 7/8.


The 1.21 update that launched February 11 on Steam is starting to clear testing for other platforms. We are aware of the Win 7/8 issue on PC and are working on a fix, but we do not have a time estimate yet. Here is the latest info:

* Xbox One will launch on Feb 25 at 10am PST

* Switch 1.21 in submission with Nintendo. No ETA yet

* PS4 1.21 Submitted, we are hoping to have it out by Thursday morning (Pacific Standard Time). Japan by GSE might fall behind by a few day(s)

* PC (GOG, Gamepass, Origin, Luna) 1.21 Delayed due to Win 7/8 issue

* Steam 1.22 – No ETA yet. Working on a fix for Win 7/8 issue

  • Final update to randomizer seeds and addressed issues where previous seeds were invalid. NOTE: Seeds begun or saved after 1.20 may no longer work.
  • Fixed New Game+ crash
  • Classic Mode: Hit detection remaining on screen
  • Classic Mode: Miriam walking in the wrong direction after Gremory encounter
  • Classic Mode: Instances of Gebel not appearing
  • Classic Mode: Score reaches max then loops to a negative number
  • Classic Mode: Double KO during Gremory encounter
  • Classic Mode: Wolfman failing to reset
  • Classic Mode: Mini Gebel bug
  • Classic Mode: Jack (Gusion) boss not moving
  • Classic Mode: Instances where enemies and game gimmicks stop moving
  • Classic Mode: Disable the Pause Menu during the walking animation transitions
  • Classic Mode: Miriam softlock after obtaining the heart at the end of a boss battle

Current Top Issues

We are aware of the following issues and are investigating. This is a list of top-priority issues and does not include everything we are working on. 

Bug Reporting

Have a bug to report? Please submit it here:

Troublesome Randomizer Seeds can be reported here:

505 Support Page: