by Jason Ryan
July 16, 2020

This page will be updated with important development information for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Last Updated: November 9, 2020

Version Numbers

Current Version ➡️ Incoming Version

PC – Steam: 1.17 ➡️ 1.18

PC – GOG: 1.17 ➡️ 1.18

PC – Game Pass: ➡️

PC – EA Origin: 1.17 ➡️ 1.18

PlayStation 4: 1.17 ➡️ 1.18

Xbox One: ➡️

Nintendo Switch: 1.17 ➡️ 1.18 – Updates for the Nintendo Switch in Japan will be applied later in December. 

Amazon Luna: 1.17 ➡️ 1.18

NOTE:  Updates for the physical PS4 version in Japan may be delayed by a few days when compared to the digital version in the same region. 

Update Notes

Version 1.18 will address the following issues:

Bloodless Playable Character

 – Name a new save file “BLOODLESS” to access the new playable character. 

Randomizer bug fixes 

 – Fixed the algorithm so it wouldn’t create invalid seeds 

– Implemented safety chests and lamp, so previously invalid seeds can now be completed. These safety chests will contain the required item to complete. 

Randomizer number of possibilities 

1152 combinations from settings: 

    • 3 GOAL x 2 KEY ITEM x 2 SAVE/WARP x 3 ITEM x 4 ENEMY DROP x 2 CRAFTING x 2 SHOP x 2 QUEST = 1152 combinations 

65,536 combinations per set 

The seed consists of 31 bits. 15 of those bits are used to store the settings generated by the initial choices the player makes. The remaining 16 bits are used to generate the randomness in the seed. 

    • 2^16 =  65,536 combinations. 

Total number of possible combinations for the entire mode: 

    • 1152 settings x 65,536 seed combinations = 75,487, 472 total combinations. 

Other Changes 

– Fixed issue with clan names showing in Save File Selection Screen 

– Fixed an issue with clan names in credits 

– Fixed minor audio issues 

Bug Reporting

Have a bug to report? Please submit it here:

Troublesome Randomizer Seeds can be reported here:

505 Support Page: