by Jason Ryan
Maggio 9, 2024

Greetings, Army of the Night!


We are honored to reveal more details on the new content that is included in update 1.50. The development team has been busy working on the new Versus and Chaos modes, both of which include online multiplayer play for the first time.


These two modes represent the final free updates planned for the game.

The details are below.


Versus Mode

Versus Mode is fast-paced PvP game mode that pits you against another player to see who can survive the longest
The mode includes local play as well as an online mode that includes the ability to invite a friend directly or challenge a random player.


In local play, the game is played in split-screen with both players occupying their own area on the top or bottom of the screen.
In online play, you see only your own screen as well as a ‘shadow’ version of your opponent.


As play progresses, demons will spawn that you will have to avoid or defeat while collecting various bonuses and souls.
Souls can be spent at the central statue (shop) to upgrade your weapons, armor or items.



How does PVP work?


In addition to arms and armor, you can also spend souls to put your opponent at a disadvantage! Want to temporarily reverse their controls? How about taking away their ability to attack? Because you can see your opponent’s shadow, you can choose to buy one at just the right time to have the greatest effect.


Equipment upgrades are first come, first served!


Once you or your opponent make a purchase it will no longer be available to either player. Choose your purchases and timing wisely.


However, items such as traps that give a disadvantage to your opponent do not sell out so, each player can purchase them multiple times.


As play progresses and stronger demons spawn and the shop will restock with new lineup of equipment purchases.
The player who survives the onslaught is the winner!


Chaos Mode

Chaos Mode is a mode where players enter a series of randomized rooms, each populated with demons. You can enjoy this as co-op (includes online) or singleplayer.

First, you will be thrown into a random room and have to find the exit.


During that time, you will be given a random challenge to accomplish before exiting, such as: Defeat All Enemies, Don’t Use a Special Abilities, Do Not Attack Any Enemy, etc.



You will not be penalized if you do not accomplish the challenge but, when you do, you would be able to obtain additional equipment upgrades.
When you safely escape, a randomized boss fight will start.


If you are successful, you will be thrown into the next room with a new challenge, and another Boss fight. The more you repeat, the game becomes more difficult, and great upgrades will be given.


Challenge to see how many rounds you can hold for!


We hope that you are as excited for these new modes and DLCs as we are!


Thank you very much!


The Bloodstained Ritual of the night Team