by Jason Ryan
Febbraio 5, 2024

Hey, everyone!  


We have an exciting announcement for you today. 


As you may know, we are getting close to the release of update 1.5 for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The update will include Chaos and Vs modes, as well as three new premium (paid) cosmetic packs for Miriam.  


What we have not yet officially announced is that 1.5 will include a free set of special weapons and clothing items for Miriam…the Half-Genie Cosmetic Pack! 



This cosmetic pack includes everything Miriam needs to dress up as Shantae, everyone’s favorite Half-Genie hero! There are also items inspired by her pirate nemesis, Risky Boots!  


The Shantae games follow the plucky Half-Genie heroine as she tries to protect her hometown and Sequin Land from an array of threats and enemies. As Shantae makes her way through the world, she picks up new powers and items that allow her to fight ever-increasing threats…definitely a kindred spirit to Miriam!  


The Half-Genie Cosmetic Pack contains the following items:  

     * Half-Genie Outfit (Body Slot) 

     * Half-Genie Vest (Accessory Slot) 

     * Half-Genie Tiara (Accessory Slot)  

     * Risky Blade (Weapon Slot) 

     * Risky Pistol (Weapon Slot) 

     * Risky Bandana (Head Slot)  

* Half-Genie Fireball (Directional Shard)


Each of the cosmetic pack items can be individually equipped and each is upgradable! Speak to Johannes in Arvantville and use the crafting recipes to make new versions, each one more powerful than before. While you may choose to equip one or two items, if you equip one of the cosmetic pack items into each of the weapon, body, head and both accessory slots, you’ll be rewarded with a special Half-Genie status bar!  


We are thrilled to be able to bring a taste of the Shantae franchise, created by BOZON and developed by our good friends at Wayforward, into Ritual of the Night! We hope you enjoy the free cosmetic pack!  


More info on update 1.5 and the final Roadmap is coming soon, so stay tuned.  


Thank you for your support of Bloodstained!