by Jason Ryan
mai 2, 2024


Hello, Bloodstained Fans! 


We are excited to present the final Development Roadmap for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night! 


Here is what we have planned. 



Update 1.5 

PC / PS4 / Xbox – May 9, 2024 

Nintendo Switch – May 16, 2024 


Release Timing 

We will be releasing across all regions simultaneously.  


PC / PlayStation 4 / Microsoft Xbox One – May 9  

8am PDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11pm HKT / Midnight May 10 JST 


Nintendo Switch – May 16  

8am PDT / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11pm HKT / Midnight May 17 JST 


Chaos Mode / VS Mode / 1 Free Miriam Cosmetic Pack / 3 Premium (Paid) Miriam Cosmetic Packs 

Update 1.5 will contain two new game modes, and one free Cosmetic Pack.  Along with this, three Premium DLC Miriam Cosmetic Packs will be available for purchase.  


This will be the final update to the game.  


Chaos Mode 

Chaos Mode is local or online co-op action that you can play solo, with a friend or be matched with other players on the same system. 



Fight through a series of randomized rooms to defeat demons and bosses. 


Complete challenges before each boss to get powerful upgrades! 


How long will you survive? 


Versus Mode 

VS Mode is a special PVP mode created just for Ritual of the Night.  



At the beginning of the match, players will enter a room exclusive to the match battle. Wave after wave of demons will begin to attack both players. When you defeat the demons, you will gain souls. Souls can be spent at the central statue (shop) to upgrade your weapons, armor or items. 


You will be able to purchase attacks that will negatively affect your opponent. Fill their room with fog, reverse their controls and more! The winner is the player that survives the longest. 


Versus Mode supports local and online play with friends or matchmaking with other players on the same platform.  Please note that Chaos and Versus Modes do not support cross-platform play. 


More details on each game mode will be revealed when they go live. 


Cosmetic Packs 

1.5 also includes three premium (paid) cosmetic packs and one free pack for Miriam that will change her appearance in the game.  



Each cosmetic pack has multiple unique clothing items and weapons, each with upgradeable stats. Premium Cosmetic Packs will be available for purchase on each platform’s online store. 


 Equipping a complete set of cosmetic pack items will enable a special stat bar for that specific pack. 


Included with 1.5 is a free cosmetic pack for Miriam that will automatically be added to everyone’s inventory when it is released. 



Premium DLC Cosmetic Pack assets will only download after purchase. 


Classic II: Dominique’s Curse – Premium DLC 

Date To Be Announced 


Following the 1.5 update, we will release Classic Mode II, a premium DLC game mode! 

It brings the same retro-gameplay as Classic Mode but with a bigger map and its own canon storyline! 

Classic Mode 2 assets will only download after purchase.   

More information on Classic II will be provided when it is closer to release. 


Kickstarter Rewards 

Chaos and Vs Modes are the final stretch goals for the game. Once these two modes are completed we will begin to work on the final physical reward remaining to be delivered: the Physical PC version of the game. PC Physical tier backers received a digital code to play the game when it was first released in June 2019, but they still need to receive their final physical reward.

When we’ve produced the physical PC games, Fangamer will send an email to all eligible backers requesting an updated shipping address. We’ll provide an update on the production and shipping schedule for physical PC copies of the game here on Kickstarter as soon as they go into production.


We hope that you are as excited for these upcoming modes and DLCs as we are! 


Stay tuned to any of our social or news channels for more information. 


Thank you very much! 

The Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Team