by Jason Ryan
mayo 9, 2024

Hello, Bloodstained Fans!

Chaos and Vs Mode | Update 1.5 Notes

Hello, Army of the Night!


We are happy to release this latest update to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night!


Read on to see what is new.

Game Update 1.50

New Game Mode: Chaos Mode



This mode sends players into a series of randomized rooms populated with demons. Difficulty increases the longer you survive.
Chaos Mode can be played Single-Player or Local / Online Co-Op. See details for online play below.


New Game Mode: Versus Mode



Versus Mode is fast-paced PvP game mode that pits you against another player to see who can survive the longest.
The mode includes local and online PVP gameplay. Players may invite a friend directly or challenge a random online player. See details for online play below.


Detailed information on both new modes can be found here: Chaos and Versus Gameplay Preview


Free Shantae Half-Genie Cosmetic Pack


A free Shantae-inspired cosmetic pack for Miriam has been added to all accounts.



Items in this pack can be found in your inventory and include the following individual items.


* Half-Genie Outfit (Body Slot)

* Half-Genie Vest (Accessory Slot)

* Half-Genie Tiara (Accessory Slot)

* Risky Blade (Weapon Slot)

* Risky Pistol (Weapon Slot)

* Risky Bandana (Head Slot)

* Half Genie Fireball (Directional Shard)


Equipping a complete set of cosmetic pack items will enable a special Shantae-themed stat bar.


Premium DLC


Premium DLC Cosmetic Packs are now available for purchase on the game’s Store page.
Equipping a complete set of cosmetic pack items will enable a special stat bar for that specific pack.
Cosmetic packs each have multiple items that will be added to your inventory upon purchase.

The new Premium DLC Cosmetic Packs for Miriam are:


* Scythe (Weapon Slot)
* Vampiric Wig (Head Slot)
* Vampiric Skinsuit (Body Slot)
* Vampiric Wings (Accessory Slot)
* Vampiric Choker (Scarf Slot)
* Dream Steal (Shard Slot)


Magical Girl
* Miri Scepter (Weapon Slot)
* Miri Wig (Head Slot)
* Miri Dress (Body Slot)
* Communicator (Accessory Slot)
* Summon Bu-chan (Shard Slot)
* Familiar: Bu-chan (Familiar Slot)


* Japanesque Umbrella (Weapon Slot)
* Japanesque Wig (Head Slot)
* Japanesque Robe (Body Slot)
* Sarashi (Accessory Slot)
* Usagi Mask (Accessory Slot)
* Sakura Storm (Shard Slot)



Online Co-Op and Multiplayer


We have added online functionality for Chaos and Vs mode to allow players to participate in Co-Op and Multiplayer PVP.
Players may invite friends from their friends list or be paired with a random player.

Players must be on the same platform (Steam, GOG, Epic, PlayStation, Xbox or Switch) to connect and play.

Cross-play is not supported.

This feature is NOT available for other modes.


Bug Fixes


General Bug Fixes