by Jason Ryan
August 19, 2022

Greetings, Army of the Night! 


Bloodstained’s castle is built on a foundation of magic and mystery. Just when you think you’ve explored it all, there’s always another discovery to be made.  

On August 23rd, the castle reveals its latest secret…a brand-new crossover boss area based on Journey, the award-winning videogame by thatgamecompany!

This new section of the castle, The Tunnels, is inspired by the imagery and level design of Journey, but with a Bloodstained twist. Hidden behind a secret entrance, the Tunnels are large and will require exploration and shard abilities to navigate.  


Once you find (and fight) your way through the cavernous maze, the final challenge awaits: a battle with the level’s guardian. Your reward for survival is a special Journey-inspired equippable item! 




Unlocking the Journey Boss Area 

The entrance to The Tunnels will appear after you have freed Gebel and unlocked the Den of Behemoths. The room with the doorway will be marked on the castle map (no, it’s not IN the Den of Behemoths). Head to the highlighted area on the map and you’ll find the entrance inside. 


Because this is a new, hidden area, it does not affect map completion percentages or achievements. 



We are excited for you to explore this new area inspired by one of our favorite games: Journey! 

1.4 Update Notes 

This update also includes the following bug fixes and game updates:   

* New playable Area for Miriam to explore based on Journey, thatgamecompany’s critically acclaimed game, with a unique boss fight and new item for Miriam to equip 

* Fixed an issue with save and warp rooms randomizing when option was set to unchanged in Randomizer 

* Fixed an issue with a timestamp error on Nintendo Switch version 

* Fixed an issue where commands displayed is not updated for the custom controller configuration. 

* General bug fixing 

Known Issues

* Achievement requirements met after 1.30 and before 1.31 will not unlock automatically after 1.40. In order to unlock those achievements achieved during 1.30, the player would need to start a new game or new game+, and complete the requirements for the achievement again. Loading a save from before 1.30 and replaying the task may also work.

* We are investigating a glitch where all lamps and candles become indestructible until leaving and re-entering the screen.


Thanks for playing!  

The Bloodstained Team