by Jason Ryan
Juni 11, 2024

An all-new Bloodstained adventure awaits! Dominique may have been defeated, but she is not finished. After being defeated by Miriam, Dominique falls to Limbo. She seeks to steal Bael’s power and escape to the mortal realm where she will have her revenge! It will be no easy task; a realm of demons and dangerous dungeons stand in her way.


Explore a massive new map with retro gameplay that takes Classic Mode to a whole new level.


Acquire valuable abilities and artifacts that will add to Dominique’s power. Speak to friendly demons to gather clues…but beware the waning moon! When the moon changes, friends become foes.


Classic II: Dominique’s Curse bring new storyline, a new list of achievements and a whole new adventure to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night!

Read on to learn more about this new Premium DLC mode.



The game begins with Dominique cast into Limbo, a strange and dangerous realm populated only with demons. Lost and stripped of her powers, she begins with no items, no skills and no idea where to go. Her only advantage is her thirst for revenge.
Driven by her goal, she must speak to the friendly demons, search Limbo for powerful artifacts, find useful equipment and acquire new skills until she is unstoppable. Only then can she reach Bael, steal his power, and escape back to the mortal realm!



In Limbo, unique areas exist and await Dominique. The Field Areas are wild lands where every demon is dangerous. Dominique must fight her way through these areas to discover new lands, new towns and new dungeons. Some areas will remain inaccessible until Dominique learns specific skills or has a special item required to proceed. At the far reaches of the maps are dangerous dungeons that must be safely navigated and its demon lord defeated if Dominique hopes to gain the powers she needs to face Bael.


Towns offer a respite from the dangers of the Field Areas. They are filled with friendly demons, merchants and temples where progress can be saved. But safety is always fleeting. When lit under the Dead Moon, even those tame demons become foes.


Exploration Reveals Treasures

Limbo is an extensive realm with multiple areas to explore as well as towns and dungeons. Each level is full of dangerous demons as well as powerful magic and mysterious items that can help Dominique on her journey. These resources and power-ups can be found in chests or looted from vanquished demons. Throughout the map, resources that have been collected can be traded with merchants in the towns or groundskeepers in the wilds for useful items such as healing potions, extra lives, waystones and more. The most powerful magic will be hidden within the dungeons.


Game Menu and Map


The in-game menu is comprised of 3 sections, Player, Item, and Information. You are able to check the Map separately.


The Map

The map is Dominique’s guide to Limbo. She begins only being able to see her current location. As Dominique explores new areas, they will appear on the map. Map icons will show Dominique’s location as well as the locations of merchants, groundskeepers and Hunters. A checkmark will appear when that dungeon is cleared.



The Player screen details the magical abilities and skills that Dominique has acquired throughout her journey. Conjure shards use Mana Roses that are collected in the world to power their effects. Dominique can only equip one of these effects at a time, though this can be changed at any time in the menu. Passive shards are always on when they are equipped, but only one can be equipped a time.


Some of these passives are required to access certain areas of the map while others can help in combat or exploration. Skills are tied to controller / keyboard commands and are available for use as soon as Dominique learns them.


The items page lists all of the individual items that Dominique has acquired such as potions to restore health or magic points. Ancient artifacts have their own powers such as the ability to change the cycle of the moon, affect Dominique’s luck and other effects. Below the physical items is the count of coins and remains, the currency of merchants and groundskeepers.



In the Information menu, you will be able to gain all the different information gained during the journey. Conversations with the demons may contain helpful hints you can benefit from. Each town has its own section, so it is easy to determine if any demons in a specific town have not been met yet.


With the Logaeth Pages section, you can check the information you have discovered. Collecting as many pages as possible may bring some luck to Dominique’s journey.





Will Dominique survive Limbo and follow through on her revenge?


Play Classic II: Dominique’s Curse today!